Our Facilities

Pre-Fabrication Of Pipe Works

Our facility houses an automated pipe welding system. Accompanied with precise 3D Revit models by our inhouse engineering & drafting team, we are able to prefabricate pipe spools to the exact specifications required.
These pipe spools are then delivered to the site-staging area ready for installation.



Orbital Pipe Wielding


Pre-Fabrication Of Duct Works

Our automated full-line duct fabrication machine is capable of fabricating 1,100 sqm of straight duct within an 8-hr workday.

The machine is supported by a CNC plasma cutter to fabricate the necessary fittings and flanges.

Automated Welding of Stainless Steel Duct

Unique in the local industry, we are one of the 3 ACMV contractors with the full capability to weld stainless steel ducts for laboratories and healthcare facilities handling corrosive substances.